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Top 10 Different Architectural Styles You Can Try For Your Next Project

Every home has a unique style which becomes its identity and the reason for pride.

Whether it is as simple as changing the paint colour or extraordinary as remodelling the ceiling of your home, personalised architectural style is the best choice. Personal architectural style and regional influence preferences can play an important role to make your home a perfect place.

If you are looking for the top ten home architecture styles to try this year, you can browse the list of the home design trends mentioned below.

Victorian architecture

Victorian architecture refers to the era of the 18s and 19s during the reign of Queen Victoria. This architectural style is perfect for your home because it displays your home as larger and more elaborate. The Victorian architecture style is influenced by various prolific architecture and cityscapes. Today, you can find such design styles at home in the streets of the United States.

Contemporary architecture

This type of architecture refers to the building styles that are currently trendy. This style of home fuses interior design and architectural design to create a sense of flow. This style can be clean and minimal and the edges are soft and rounded. These styles of homes can be found in newly built houses.

Colonial style home

Colonial-style homes take us back to the 17th century and this style of home comes in numerous variations. Each style was influenced by the American Settlers. These types of homes feature asymmetry and dormers. You find these types of homes in Dutch Colonial, French Colonial and Spanish Colonial.

Tudor style home

This home architectural style is easily recognizable and has brick details. This style comes from a historic home in England and became popular during the 20th century in urban communities. It can be found in the Northern climate because the solid architecture is perfect for cold weather.

Cape cod

Cape cod is common in urban communities. In 1950, this type of architectural style became increasingly popular in the United States. It was introduced by English settlers during the 17th century and is named Cape Cod after the Coast of Massachusetts. This style of home is one story and a half and includes dormers and a doorway.

Cabin house

This type of home can be built hundreds of years ago by European settlers bringing the style of North America. Nowadays, people build this type of home as per their residence in rural and urban commodities. Cabin houses are built with and have a simple architecture with an open interior and consist of one room.


Row houses or townhouses are built next to one another with single walls. This style of house is common in big cities where plot sizes are long and narrow. Some houses build Row Houses in a block and give a uniform look.

Stonework style design

Stonework-style homes are beautiful design homes that are easily found in European house design. Stone adds charm, and appeal factors, and these types of homes are unique because architecture can attract in many ways, making your home feel naturally luxurious and different from another one. This style makes your ordinary home look like a castle.

Transitional style home

The transitional style is the most trendy architectural style for your home because it transitions between the traditional and modern look. It looks like a timeless conventional design element with sensibilities of contemporary aesthetic look.

Eco-friendly accents

With the global warming crisis, renowned architecture chooses an eco-friendly design in their architectural style for homes. Even homeowners become environmentally friendly and re-build their homes by adding solar panels, eco-friendly materials and many more. These are the top 10architectural style trends for your home in 2022. Cosmetic Nest promises to provide the best architectural design. These tips provide our clients with a few architectural design ideas for their homes. We provide architecture, construction, renovation and interior design for a hassle-free experience. Contact us now!

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