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Strange Architectural Concepts Of The Modern World

The modern world has brought in new and innovative advancements. From innovation in smartphones to architecture, technology is evolving at a fast pace. Another sector that is growing gigantically is – the world population. Lands are limited but the population is increasing with every second, making it the sole need of architects to turn towards strange architectural concepts. Architects need to come up with ideas that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and also budget-friendly, to aid the urgency tagged along with the increased population.

Mentioned below are seven strange architectural concepts of the modern world. These concepts use the science behind nature, light, space, and many other factors to provide the population with sustainable accommodation solutions. Without much delay, stride along this blog to find out all the unusual architectural concepts.

Seven Unusual Architectural Concepts Trending In The Modern World

Technology is rapidly evolving. With new innovations such as Metaverse and NFTs, the need for innovation grows stronger with each passing day. And the increasing maternity rate poses it even more strongly on architecture.

So, here we will discuss strange architectural concepts that are trending among architects and laymen!

Space Elevators

Since Elon Musk made it big, the talk of living in space has been prevalent in the world. Now, even architects are giving into this ideology through the concept of – space elevators. Though Elon Musk himself says that the idea is not in sync with our current era of technology, yet this concept has never been given a full stop. Engineering is one of the major problems space elevators are facing because still, the technology is not advanced enough to support its engineering.

Abstract Concepts

Just like an abstract painting, abstract architecture portrays one thought along with the entire concrete structure. Abstract architecture is the finest way to showcase your realm of creativity. This concept basically focuses on the philosophy of the architect and is often made in a way that the dynamic of existing life. With abstract architecture, the spectators, as well as the architect, get the freedom of running wild through their creativity.

Underground Parks and Homes

The land is occupied swiftly and rapidly by the growing population. As a matter of fact, in today’s world, there is not enough land for every family to have a home! This made architects turn to innovative and ways concepts, one of which is underground parks and houses. Cities are compactly packed leaving minimal to no space for nature to expand. This is where the concept of underground parks comes to aid. This concept will give new wings to nature.

Man-made Islands

The best example of man-made islands or artificial islands is the Palm Islands of Dubai. Soon after Dubai announced it, many other countries followed the path, for instance, Qatar’s Qetaifan Islands, etc. The only problem with these projects is funding, but almost all the GCC countries are lands of riches. It is expected that more and more countries will join this far-fetched concept of artificial islands

Biomimicry Architecture

It can be easily determined from its name, that this architectural concept is derived from life. It comes from the Greek word bios, which means life. Architectures based on the biomimicry concept are the literal translations of flora and fauna into architecture. These concepts use the characteristics found in nature to address the challenges of building functionalities. Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia is the first of this kind and has turned out to be a marvellous creation. Sagrada has set an example for many aspiring architects.


Initiated by Mike Reynolds, Earthships are a kind of architecture that sweeps you off the grid, while also meeting all the livelihood needs. He took innovation to a completely new level. Mike made his first Earthship in New Mexico and because he also wanted to address recyclability, he used tires packed first, along with aluminium cans. This architecture has been circling the world with its sustainability and unusual design. These are some of the strangest architectural concepts of the modern world. Cosmic Nest is all about modernity and innovation. Clubbing these essential characteristics, we provide our clients with flamboyant designs. We deal in interior designs, renovations, construction, and architecture designing. We move forward with an aim to provide our clients with futuristic designs to enrich their lives with innovation!

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