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A Guide to Choose the Perfect Layouts for Your Modular Kitchen

Home is where the kitchen is where your family gathers around to bond over a meal. So if you wondering to create perfect planning with maximum space and designs with less clutter, modular kitchens are the best solution.


A modular kitchen adds more elegance and vibrancy to your home. We love spending most of the time in the kitchen hence these modular solutions will help you organize your kitchen by adding efficiency and more functionality to your cooking experience.

  • Our designers have created the perfect standard designs and layouts that suit your kitchen to clutter unnecessary spaces and add a pleasant cooking experience.
  • Be it renovation or constructing a new one, CosmicNest offers a wide range of design ideas for a fully functional kitchen that fits the specifications of any type of home.
  • Here is a list of kitchen layouts that are most prominently loved by our customers.


The L-shape is the basic kitchen layout preferred by many homeowners and most suitable for Indian kitchens. It provides ample space by facilitating an efficient work triangle for preparing, cooking, and cleaning. Most importantly this layout is the best fit for all kinds of spaces like small, medium, and large. The L-shaped kitchen is built between two walls forming a perpendicular angle where one wall must be twice as long as the other wall.


Island kitchens are designed to accommodate all the functionalities in a sophisticated manner. They offer the liberty to utilize the kitchen space at your convenience. The island kitchen is an L-shaped kitchen with a disconnected island in the middle. The L-shaped allows provides storage and cooking space where the island is in the center of the kitchen ideal for having breakfast or dinner to give it a contemporary look.


In recent years, open kitchens have become increasingly popular. This layout integrates beautifully with a living room and adds an air of elegance. You can enjoy watching your favorite Netflix shows, keep a tab on your kids, or even gather your friends together while cooking. It offers a spacious look to show off all your kitchenware and crockery. You can add more sections for breakfast, cooking, storage, and much more at your convenience.


U-shape is also termed as C-shape kitchen. It offers plenty of storage space and will ensure all the kitchen appliances are within reach. The design consists of three adjoining walls and the fourth is open for entry and exit points. These three adjoining walls are blended with built-in cabinets, countertops, and appliances which are more ergonomic and make your daily task easier and a perfect space-saving for any home.


Is your apartment owing a lack of space? Then parallel kitchen is the best fit for your space. They are also known as galley kitchens which is an option for minimalist or less floor space. These kitchens have narrow spaces and comprise two walls between them merged with cabinets and countertops. Parallel kitchens are built with fewer materials which makes them one of the most affordable kitchen types.


So if you love being in trend, CosmicNest has the best modular design solutions for your dream home.

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