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Interior Design Colour Trends 2022

Are you planning to update your interior design and splash vibrant colour in your home? From sunny yellow to nature green, there are a variety of colours to inspire your next interior design project and lift your home in 2022. So are you ready with your paintbrush to decorate your home? Continue reading

Colours are more than just decorative items for space. From bringing health benefits to calmness, they play an important part in making you feel happy and light. Many of us invest a huge amount of earnings in painting homes and still fail to achieve the desired look. The lack of interior design ideas and knowledge of colours are two primary reasons for this.

If you want to give your home a unique look, we suggest some interior design colour trends that are most expected to grow in 2022.

5 Trending Interior Colours To Lift Your Space This Year

From sunshine yellow to dusty blues and natural green, these colours are trendy yet timeless and give a modern look to your home for years to come.

Sunshine yellow

Bring joy to your home with bright yellow. A symbol of happiness, positivity, and warmth, painting your home walls with dazzling yellow can help to boost your energy and confidence throughout the day.

It tends to be that ‘Things get Brighter and Better’ when you see yellow colour just after opening your eyes in the morning. Incorporate yellow colour into the muted theme for a calm and relaxing environment.

The cheerful yellow colour will create a modern and playful look in your home. The more and more time you spend with the yellow colour, it will refresh your mood and brighten up your interior design.

Nature green

Green is the most refreshing colour that uplifts the entire space with its presence. Inspired by nature, the green colour brings comfort and natural elements to your home. Whether you plan to remodel your kitchen or renovate your bedroom, the rich green colour spruce up the area.

If you are looking for a soothing atmosphere around you, the interior design colour ‘Saga Green’ is a perfect choice. The most versatile and timeless colour, green shade complements your plants, art, and real-world and promotes a sense of well-being.

Pair this shade with the off white to give a visually appealing effect. Choose a green colour this year and speak about ‘Nature’.

Calm white

The most neutral colour ━ White, keeps the things organised and connects the spaces throughout the house. The best thing about the white colour is it aligns perfectly with the interior design and highlights your furniture and the overlook of your home.

White symbolises peace; when you spend more time around the most soothing colour, it provides you with a comfortable and relaxing feeling. White is a soft, muted and evergreen colour; you can never go wrong with this shade.

Pair it with grey to make it the interior design colour trend of 2022.

Bright blue

The airy and fresh shade ‘Blue’ can put life into your space. Be it sky blue or bright blue, it will be a game-changer when people use this tone in their interior design. When you use blue and white colours simultaneously, it will uplift the area and make you feel safe. Blue is the hopeful yet deluxe colour. When you spread blue colour to your room or other parts of the home, you ensure a luxurious life. The blue shade has the potential to spotlight your interior design and make your home visually appealing.

Dark earth tone

Earth tone is the most trending interior design colour in 2022. With this, you can bring the natural colours inside your house and give your space a sober yet attractive look. With the nature-inspired colour theme, you can create an encouraging ambience. Introduce soft and nature-inspired tones like matte green, pale-sky blue, brown, and chalky white colours to bring earth tone to your home. CosmicNest has the ability to incorporate these interior design colour trends into your home. If these ideas inspire you, do not hesitate to contact CosmicNest. We are the leading company personally involved with your ideas and contributing our strength and expertise to bring life to those imaginations. Contact us for a free consultation now!

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