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5 Painted Kitchen Cabinets To Try With Your Next Renovation Project

While the natural wood finish is still a popular choice for interior designing, painted kitchen cabinets are coming up as a preferred choice to spice up kitchen space. Painted cabinets are a relatively easy and pocket-friendly idea to lighten up the kitchen. So, whether you are remodelling your old kitchen or constructing a new one, a splash of colour on your kitchen cabinet can change the whole look & feel.

To help you select the perfect hue and create a unique look for your kitchen, we have five exciting and cool painted cabinet ideas. These kitchen cabinet ideas will not just transform your kitchen but add a shine and a bit of happiness to the space. Without further ado, let’s stride into them.

Go with calm colours, white and dark grey

When in the kitchen, it is essential to keep your mind calm and for this getting the natural light into your space is necessary. A combination of white and rich dark grey can easily do this job for you. Use white colour on the upper cabinets and dark grey on the lower ones. The white on the upper cabinets will keep the space light & bright, and the grey on the button will pop against the white. Utilise matte finish colours that are wipeable for a more modern look. These shades also go well with the stainless steel appliances and cabinets knob.

Don’t be afraid of the mix-n-match theme

While people are juggling between dull and old colours, you should go with multiple colours, from the floor segment to the lower and upper cabinets. This trick will help you make your kitchen space an incredibly bright and eye-catching look. A mixture of rainbow colours will set a joyful ambience in your dining area. Much of the vibrant colours may include green, blue, yellow, grey, or white, or you can customise that depending on your choice and the kitchen’s interior. You can paint walls with light colours like white or pale pink and set teal touch on the interior and cabinets.

Green paint in the woody texture

Sometimes it is good to experiment with colours. The green colour is inspired by nature, and it will bring refreshing vibes to the kitchen, which is necessary when you prepare food for your beloved family. There are so many shades of green, but if you choose to paint your kitchen cabinets in the matte dark green colour, you can bring a complete nature inside your home. Consider green painted cabinets in the lower part of the kitchen and complement the upper section in pure wooden texture. The green painted kitchen cabinets will not disappoint you.

A slight off-white colour

If you are bored of multi colours or dark colours in your kitchen, it is the right time to go sober and straightforward. White or off-white is a beautiful, bright colour with no wired undertones. The off-white colour is the most soothing shade that feels light and calm. And it works brilliantly with the Carrara and Calacatta marbles, along with coloured countertop and matching tiles. It will bring a neutral and versatile look when you mix-n-match all the shades. On cabinets, you can use a satin finish unless you want a higher glossy look; otherwise, switch to the semi-gloss.

Vibrant blue for a happy mood

If you just love bold colours for no reason, we would push you to fall for a darker blue hue. The kitchen cabinets painted with darker blue colour will fill the space with lots of depth and warmth. Though blue is a timeless colour, it might vary depending on what statement you want to make. We suggest combining dark blue colour with pure white to bring a neat and sharp look to your kitchen. To give a perfect finish to your interiors, club it with a stainless steel knob. Dark blue and white are one of the best combos on the list.

People often spend millions on designing their bedroom and bathroom, but often overlook the ‘kitchen’ which is no doubt the most essential part of the property. At CosmicNest, we are a leading venture that promises to deliver creative, robust and luxurious designs under budget. With our experienced engineers and interior designers, we bring the most beautiful designs to the table. Schedule a consultation to discuss your dream home design.

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